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Sharin – Corn Husk Round Placemat - 12 inch


This naturally beautiful placemats are handwoven together using sustainable material and are 100% biodegradable with no impact on the climate.

Hand made using the outer layer of the corn otherwise used as cooking fuel in rural parts of Nepal or thrown away if not used. This pure eco-friendly beauty makes a great placemat that provides your table arrangements not just a natural and elegant look but also great when it comes to protecting your table surfaces from heat, scratches and spills when used as place settings.

Great for both indoor and outdoor dining arrangements it brings warmth, uniqueness and purpose on your table, and is sure to impress your family and friends.


 Are you someone who is creative and innovative when it comes to interior style? Then this natural multifunctional placemat is suitable for multitude purposes ranging from kitchen to dining and/or living space design – Use it as a stand, heat resistance hot pot pad, Plan pot pad to protect your floor or trivet. Or for all you pet lovers out there this will work as a great mat protecting from too hot or cold surfaces. It is just a perfect accessory to have it in your home.

In rural Nepal, this mat is traditionally a seat but got popular as a wall hanging. Due to its texture and colour, when hanged, it stands out and works as an art piece.

Fine handcraft dense and tightly woven by staying home mothers in Nepal. It is far better and effective than other placemats made out of straw, cloth or cork.

Keeping them clean is super easy too, use a lightly damp cloth to wipe to them in an immaculate condition as new. In case of spill or wet, put it in direct sunlight or well-ventilated place for few hours to prevent damage.

Sharin - Corn Husk Placemat

SKU: 733569904181
  • If you are someone who believes that the change starts from yourself then you will like “Hamro Ghar” – Sustainable and Handmade Home Accessories

    • It is sustainably manufactured using 100% natural raw materials seasonally grown in Nepal with no impact on the climate and our lovely planet
    • It is handmade with love – Promoting authentic and fair trade
    • Supports the socio-economic growth of the underprivileged and undervalued community in Nepal - Mostly manufactured by a stay at home mothers

    Give your interior a makeover with these natural accessories and make your home standout!

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