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Dalo - Traditional Bamboo Basket


Made by the weavers from Darchula, a rural district located in the far west Nepal.

This basket is woven from Bamboo Cane, Nigalo. Only outer bark is used and is woven in such a way that one could hardly knows its beginning and its end. This basket is strong and durable. In traditional Nepal, it is  mainly used to store corn, rice, wheat and other grains.

A great accessory to decorate your living and/or dining space, Hallway and/or Landing, Bedroom and/or Study/Office room as a decorative storage basket. 

Dalo - Traditional Bamboo Basket

SKU: 733569896516
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    • It is sustainably manufactured using 100% natural raw materials seasonally grown in Nepal with no impact on the climate and our lovely planet
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    • Supports the socio-economic growth of the underprivileged and undervalued community in Nepal - Mostly manufactured by a stay at home mothers

    Give your interior a makeover with these natural accessories and make your home standout!

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