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Angel - Corn Husk Large Storage Basket

Size: 14-inch opening diameter x 11-inch height

Basket is made from the outer layer of corn, if not used is thrown away or used as cooking fuel.
This material has been a supportive source of income to people with weaving skills. This basket is made by stay home mothers of Lalitpur, Nepal.

A great accessory to decorate your living and/or dining space, Hallway and/or Landing, Bedroom and/or Study/Office room as a decorative planter. 
 Alternatively, this basket can be used as a laundry basket or to simply store things.

Angel - Corn Husk Large Storage Basket

SKU: 733569993697
  • If you are someone who believes that the change starts from yourself  then you will like my  products - “Hamro Ghar” (My Home in Nepali)

    • It is sustainably manufactured using 100% natural raw materials seasonally grown in Nepal with no impact on the climate and our lovely planet
    • It is handmade with love – Promoting authentic and fair trade 
    • Supports the socio-economic growth of the underprivileged and undervalued community in Nepal -  Mostly manufactured by a stay at home mothers

    Give your interior a makeover with these natural accessories and make your home standout!

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