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Extra storage space with a touch of style!

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

A sideboard is a great way of creating extra storage and adding some character to your space. Sideboards are trending furniture items and are becoming a pivotal part of interior design regardless of your style – Scandinavian, Chic, Contemporary, Modern, or Classic.

I simply love how versatile and functional they are. Here is one of the sideboards in my living and dining space. I use it both for storage and display. I have grouped 2 sideboards to give me increased storage space – it just works (I use it to hide all my G&T and Cocktails 😊, and books). I have gone with neutral colour accents and used asymmetric accessories to give it a stylish appearance.

So, if you need more storage in your space I recommend you to consider Sideboards - Storage space without compromising on the style.

Equally, if you need help or more ideas & inspirations – feel free to reach out to me!

Furthermore, I would love to know your thoughts on storage space and use of sideboards – Are you more Yay or Nay? Comment below.

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