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Livingroom Interior Design
INTERIOR STYLING Crafting Spaces, Capturing Dreams

Elevating Spaces, Inspiring Lives.

As your interior stylist, I will basically work with you to dress your home or a room and make it fabulous by giving it a complete makeover. This is one of the popular service offerings with clients who are not necessarily in the market shopping for an interior designer but do dream of having a house you see in magazines, TV or movies.

Landlords, Real Estate Agents, Developers & House Builders

My interior styling service, techniques, and ideas can help bring transformation to your existing property and make it look fabulous while still being functional. Overall making it more attractive and stand out in the market to appeal to potential tenants and buyers.

For Developers & Housebuilders, I can collaborate with you to stage and style your show home packages deliver the latest trend to maximise the potential of your property to appeal to the competitive market.

Interior Styling: Service


The simple goal here is to make your space look wonderful and picturesque. 

What is included?

Step 1 - Welcome Pack

  • Complete/Return 

- Welcome Questionnaire and Signed Contract

  • Full-Service Payment

Step 2 - Project Initiation

  • 60 minutes project initiation video conference to

- Consult the scope of work 

- Provide Images of space & Measurements

- Establish your budget

Step 3 -  Ideation & Realisation

  • Create & visualise interior style for your space

    • Colour Scheme

    • Styling and Makeover Moodboard

    • Shopping list with links

Prices Starting from £350

Livingroom Styling
Interior Styling: Text
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