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Personalised Attention To Conceptualise Your Design

Let's face it interior design transformation projects can be quite stressful filled with dilemmas, not knowing where to start from, how will it look, and what often happens is we end up putting it on hold.

With my Virtual Consultation, I hear about your interior design problems and challenges, your budget and your personal lifestyle. Take a virtual tour of your home and then I will help plan and realise the potential solution and give it a jump start.

I can help with space planning, colour palette, window dressing, furnishing and much more. Basically, my Virtual Consultation package is designed to inspire and take the stress and guesswork away when it comes to interior dilemmas.

Full Interior Design Service: Services



First, I offer  20 minutes of free phone consultation. In this call, we get to know each other and ask any initial questions. I want you to fill confident about your project and engagement with me. Furthermore, it will give me an opportunity to understand your requirements at a very high level before and discuss how I can help.

Once you decide you go ahead, the Virtual Consultation is a 3-hour package from start to finish.

What is included?

Step 1 - Welcome Pack

  • Complete/Return 

- Welcome Questionnaire and Signed Contract

  • Service Payment

Step 2 - Project Initiation

  • 60 minutes project initiation video conference to

- Consult the scope of work 

- Narrow down on your challenges and requirements

- Establish your budget

Step 3 -  Planning, Ideation & Realisation

  • Create & visualise possible solutions for your specific requirements 

Areas can I help you with (What will you get):

  1. Space Planning (Receive a 2D rendered visual layout )

  2. Window Treatment & Soft Furnishing (Receive Moodboard)

  3. Colour Scheme, Paint & Wallpaper (Receive Moodboard)

  4. Lighting, Artwork and Mirrors (Receive Moodboard)

  5. Furniture  (Receive Moodboard)

A shopping list will be provided where applicable.

Need - to - Knows 

  • Each of the above categories is treated as an individual requirement

  • Any additional help will need you to buy extra consultation time 

    • Additional £50 per hour

  • Follow up communication via email

Virtual Consultation: Text
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