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GHAR By Shradha Shrestha is Hertfordshire based interior design and styling service creating the art of stylish living with a Minimalist, Scandinavian and Chic design. Bringing designs to life in Hertfordshire, London, and surrounding areas.
As the saying goes, "Sky is no limit" with my "E-Design" package I help bring innovative design home across the length and breadth of the UK and beyond!



Bringing Your Vision to Life

"GHAR" meaning Home in English is a temple for happiness, comfort, hope, and a dream. 

GHAR by Shradha Shrestha started in 2018, is an outcome of my passion since buying my own house and an exciting journey to make it a home, where my family's hope and dreams start to germinate.

I have since graduated from Interior Designers Business School (IDBS), UK. I specialise in contemporary and chic interior design and styling services for residential homes.




It has been a pleasure working with Ghar by Shradha Shrestha on my kitchen project. She is someone who knows exactly what she is doing with a great design eye and can visualise an end result that you had dreamed of and more.

From start to finish, Shradha’s approach was professional and you can see her passion come through her work. Her design had created a space for my family that was functional and stylish but also considerate of what we already had.

We felt so comfortable working with Shradha knowing that she had listened to our requirements and would love to work with her again.

- Lavern Lai


Transforming Your Space One Design at a Time

Personalised Design At The Click Of A Button

Starting from £200 GBP


Personalized Attention For All Your Design Needs

Starting from £1200 GBP​


Tailor-Made Styling

Starting from £150 GBP

Interior Styling

"Love Begins at Home"

- Mother Teresa





My real inspiration for “Design” goes back to my Fashion Designer days. As a graduate in Fashion Design, I went on to establish and co-run a fashion boutique to design and style my client's outfit and help enhance their personality and how they look. With love for fashion trends, sketch designs, materials I got accustomed to paying attention to detail to my client’s requirement and personality and put it into a visual expression.

The motivation to design the interior for home germinated when we bought our first house, and the process of converting it into our family home. Encouraged by abundance in vision and ideas and fuelled by the passion to help people create magic in their home I entered the world Interior design while being uplifted by my core design skills. Today I design aesthetics to my client’s space to suit their need, style and personality, and importantly within their budget.

When it comes to my clients, I have always focussed on “Inspiration” and “Loyalty” over transactions. I strongly believe that actual “Client Loyalty” is only hard-earned while transactions are not. This personal ethics of mine makes me prioritise on a loyal and lasting relationship.

When you put your trust in “GHAR by Shradha Shrestha” with your vision, emotions, and dream, it matters to me that I commit to deliver your dream to the highest standard possible.  

Trust, Integrity and Loyalty provide massive peace of mind both for me and my clients.

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+44 (0) 7747896467

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