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My Story

My interest and inspiration for “Design” goes back to my Fashion Designer days. After graduating in Fashion Design, I went on to establish and co-run a fashion boutique in the bustling shopping district of Kathmandu, Nepal. Yes, I am from Nepal, the land of bravest yet kindest people and stunning Himalayas & landscapes.

Truth be told, I had never run a business before then and frankly, I was not sure I was ready but desire to make an impact in both mine and people's lives with my passion I conjured up the courage & willpower to do it anyway!


Soon I found myself thrilled at designing and styling my client's outfit and help enhance their personality and how they look. I conquered and won over my introvert nature, started loving client interaction and guiding them on their style. Equally, I realised that my clients started becoming my returning customers, and soon friend like bond built on a trust started nurturing with the majority of my clients. 

I came to self-realisation that I was not just good at designing but understanding the clients requirement, personality and putting that into a visual expression.

Then in 2009, I was left to make the most excruciatingly hard decision of my life, I had to leave "what I loved" to be with "whom I loved"  my best friend, my love, and now my husband who lived in the UK.  And my whole new chapter began here in the UK, all from the scratch again!


Why me?

Bringing Your Vision to Life

"GHAR" meaning Home in Nepali is a temple for happiness, comfort, hope, and a dream. 

The motivation to design the interior for home germinated when we bought our first house, and the process of converting it into our family home in 2017. Encouraged by the abundance of newly found motivation, I became infused with the vision and ideas fuelled by the passion to help people create magic in their home. The same enthusiasm I had when I founded my fashion design business in Kathmandu, Nepal. The memoirs were exhilarating and felt nostalgic. 

I have since graduated from Interior Designers Business School (IDBS), UK. I now specialise in contemporary and chic interior design and styling services for residential homes.

When it comes to my clients, I have always focussed on “Inspiration” and “Loyalty” over transactions. I strongly believe that actual “Client Loyalty” is only hard-earned while transactions are not. This personal ethics of mine makes me prioritise on a loyal and lasting relationship.

When you put your trust in “GHAR by Shradha Shrestha” with your vision, emotions, and dream, it matters to me that I commit to deliver your dream to the highest standard possible.  

Trust, Integrity and Loyalty provide massive peace of mind both for me and my clients.




I would not hesitate to recommend Ghar by Shradha Shrestha to any of my family or friends.
She has great customer service, listens and creates a vision to match your personality.


She’s open to your ideas and will make your dream home a reality - she’s clearly very talented in what she does!

Throughout the whole process, she was available for any questions and replied in a timely manner.

- Aimi


Transforming Your Space One Design at a Time

Personalised Design At The Click Of A Button

Starting from £350 GBP


Conceptualise Your Design

Starting from £200 GBP

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Tailor-Made Styling

Starting from £250 GBP

Interior Styling

"Love Begins at Home"

- Mother Teresa





Opening Times 

  • Monday 9am - 7pm

  • Tuesday to Friday  9am - 5pm

  • Saturday & Sunday - Closed

Hertfordshire, England

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